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What To Wear While Staying Cosy at Home


We are pretty sure that during this period your days mostly include smartworking, cooking, organizing, exercising, meditation, playing with your children, your pet etc. We are also aware that most of you do all these things while in your pyjamas.

Even though you might be feeling very comfortable wearing your pyjamas, that is not an ideal option if you are having a conference call with your colleagues or a client. If you have cooked in your pyjamas, you do not want to lay down in bed with your pjs smelling the food you cooked.

Everyday you should make a routine that includes getting up, washing your face and getting dressed, even though you are going nowhere. Leave your pyjamas in your bedroom and wear something else, which is quite comfortable. There are tons of options that you might consider. The idea of getting dressed in the morning even though you are staying inside, might boost your mood a little bit. By doing so you will be ready to move on with your daily activities.

If you are in a search of the proper comfy clothes to wear at home, scroll down and have a look at our suggestions.



Vermont Long Sleeve Body


Pefect Fit Forming Biker


Bahamas Body


Wolford True Leggings


Aurora Leggings


Fine Merino Cardigan


Chiara Ferragni Collection

tape id track pants

tape id track jacket


t-shirt “girl gang”

t-shirt flirting long sleeves


James Perse



Turtleneck sweater

James Perse Hoodie




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