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What To Pack For a Holiday


Holiday season has already started and some of you might be at the beach right now, while others are still figuring out what to do this summer. Somehow, you spend a lot of time planning your summer holidays and less time is given to the packing part. If you have a last minute packing situation, you will surely forget one or two things, but if you stay long hours in the sun and spend a lot of time swimming, you better take the necessary products that will protect your hair and skin.


  1. Sun protection

On top of the list is any face product that contains SPF above 20. I recommend SPF 50, because the sun is too strong at the beach and you need maximum protection especially in the face and neck area. Personally, I like to use an everyday cream that can protect my skin all the time. So, Germinal Hidraplus with Hyaluronic Acid and SPF 30 is perfect, because it moisturizes and protects my skin.



  1. Skincare

Don’t you even think of skipping your skincare routine just because you are on holidays. There are no excuses when it comes to taking care of your skin wherever you are. So, you should always take your cleansing gel, toner, moisturizer and eye cream with you. You need the cleansing gel to remove the salt, the sand and the oil that your face has absorbed during the day. The toner gives the final touch and leaves your skin all fresh. The moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated all the time and the eye cream protects your eyes because it is the most delicate part of the face. When I go on holidays, I always take with me “Noche y Dia Antiedad Global” from Germinal.



  1. Conditioning Cream

You also need to think about your hair. So, don’t forget to take the conditioning cream with you. The sun can also damage your hair so the conditioner will keep it smooth. I use SU Hair Milk from Davines and also SU Hair Mask when I feel that my hair has become very dry because of the long hours of sun exposure.

  1. After Sun protect shampoo

In order to give your hair a full protection you should use an after sun protect shampoo that protects your hair from being exposed to sun rays. It also cleanses your hair from the sand and salt and your hair will remain clean and smooth. I recommend SU Hair and Body Wash from Davines, because it is perfect after long hours of hair being exposed to the sun.



  1. Body lotion

Sometimes, during summer you notice that your skin becomes so dry and you just can’t stand this situation. The sun is the cause of this phenomenon. To avoid that, you should use a body lotion frequently. During my summer holidays I use Lotion P50 and Creme Amincissante Oxygenante MC 110 from Biologique Recherche.



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