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What it means to be Sustainable nowadays?


Lately we came across an article on Rose Inc, regarding Sustainability in Beauty, and it made us think on our product choices. Sustainability is not a word related to the Beauty Industry only; its spread is huge and many designers have now transformed their brands into being sustainable. We also have the opportunity to stay in eco-friendly hotels or buy sustainable furniture.

But how important is sustainability for us and what does it really mean to be sustainable?

The answer to this question is quite complex, especially after reading The Complex World of Sustainability in Beauty, from Rose Inc.

Somehow sustainability is a personal choice that comes from you and the impact you want to make in your life and on others. Sustainability is a way of living, where your choices affect people around you, the environment, the animals, the ocean and many more. You don’t really know how sustainable your choices are until you have created a better picture of your actions and know if the decisions you have made so far are correct.

Many people have now turned to clean beauty and are using natural ingredients, but the question arises on where did these ingredients come from, how were they cultivated and by whom?

We have read stories and watched documentaries on how clothes we buy are made and it was a complete shock. A majority of clothes are made in poor countries, by individuals who work endless hours for less money, in “inhuman” conditions, so we can have them in department stores and in shops for more expensive prices than its real cost; clothes we will wear for a season and then throw away, so another piece can substitute them; clothes that will lose their meaning and fade into dust; clothes that will become rags to be thrown somewhere with other piles of rags and garbage, only to create danger for the environment.

With the pandemic situation all around, questions are being asked regarding the future of fashion. Designers, editors, stylists and many more are asking themselves if the urge for fast fashion was really that necessary. What is the point of selling linen dresses in winter and coats in summer? Why present 70+ looks in a fashion show when only 10 looks will be available for purchase?

It was Giorgio Armani (and for sure many others like him who think the same) that highlighted the mistakes and the wrong decisions made by the fashion industry, with an open letter to WWD. The fashion industry is now feeling the real cost of its actions through years, which has led many companies struggling to maintain their brand and identity.

Consumers are now rethinking their decisions. Though e-commerce is still going on, people are not buying anymore like they used to. Where is the point on buying a new pair of bikinis when you do not know if you will be able to go to the beach this summer? Why buy another item that will lose its meaning within three months?

All these questions and issues that keep rising day by day make us turn to sustainability and to the choices we need to make for a better future.

When deciding which brand to choose, we need to think about everything: how the product was made, who made it, what package was used and how will it affect the environment when we won’t need it anymore. Many brands have asked their consumers to bring finished products to their stores for recycling.

So, the consumer’s decision making has changed. People are now becoming aware of what really matters in their life. Their decision on purchasing something is more thoughtful now, as they tend to buy things that they really need and won’t have any negative impact.


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