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What I wear on vacation


While on holidays I prefer wearing comfortable but also essential pieces, especially if I’ll go out for dinner or drinks.

The most essential items I pack for holidays are clothes that are easy to combine and make you look beautiful, sexy and comfortable at the same time. I am not that much into high-end designer pieces, I’d rather prefer modern easy-going and stylish pieces.

My ideal outfit is something basic which I like to match with a small beautiful bag and comfortable shoes. When it comes to my look, I prefer to put little makeup on and style my hair just like Megan Fox at the VMAs. A wet kind of look is quite ideal.

This summer, tight dresses made of elastic cotton and silk, and loose linen trousers were my favorites. Linen pants are a must have, because I can wear them daily with a crop top and platform flip flops, and in the evening I wear them with high heels and a silk shirt as in the picture below.


Below I am sharing what I chose to wear during my holidays.

I love this elastic dress from Revolve which is so comfortable and stylish at the same time, because it looks like a bodysuit with a scarf wrapped around it. Instead it is a dress and many people turned their heads looking at it and I received a lot of compliments.


I also like this kind of outfit that is so stylish and not expensive at all. This look is very comfortable as the fabric is cotton elastic and I can wear it during the day or eveving with flat shoes or high-heels, and I can add a few accessories just like I did in the pictures.


Wearing Gaia Mini Dress by Farai London

This cut-out dress from Farai London reminds me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. It is the perfect dress for a romantic dinner by the sea.


Another favorite look of mine is this slip skirt and top from Rat and Boa. Rat and Boa is another brand that I like because its many designs are made of silk and they are easy to wear.

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