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Societal standards of beauty are ever-changing and have come a long, interesting way from the ideals of ghostly white powdered skin, strong Roman noses, and tiny, pinched pouts of ladies painted with love and lust in Renaissance imagery. The past several decades have shifted toward ample lips that practically beg to be kissed.We tend to think of beauty as an ownable entity, and that everyone’s unique look is what makes the beauty spectrum totally subjective and exciting. Besides, confidence outshines and outlasts any societal beauty expectations, so we say start there. The root of feeling confident starts with a healthy dose of self-love, and your lips’ fullness potential comes from a little TLC—so treat your kisser to a little extra care.



A dry, pale, shriveled lip is no canvas for lip color, nor exactly a beckoning call for a smooch. Exfoliation will rid your lips of any dry, scaly flakes and bring circulation to the area. This extra blood flow naturally fills a few cracks for an instant plump, and brings a flushed and rosy tint to your natural lips for a little color on their own. A lip scrub is perfect for the task, and most of them on the market are sugar-based, so if a little gets in your mouth (and it will), it’s perfectly safe and probably a little sweet. Try our DIY lip scrub recipe here.



Exfoliation is only a hack for so long, so instead of rubbing your lips raw in intervals throughout the day, make sure you keep yourself and your lips hydrated with a rich balm, and of course, drink water. You can pound water all day, but if you’re not getting the proper minerals and electrolytes, you won’t notice a huge difference in the plumping of your skin or lips, so an electrolyte add-in to your water at least once a day is a good call.


Carefully conceal.

Now it’s time for the real hacks. Using a little concealer on the surface of your lips starting in the middle and blending outwards will create an illusion of a larger canvas before you put on your lip color. Disclaimer, this looks best with matte shades or a velvety satin, but not a high gloss, as the texture is too wet and will create a fleshy-toned mess. Stick with matte liquid lippies or a sateen finish stick to get this one right. Also, using a touch of liner applied with a thin lip brush after you apply your statement lip color will neaten up the line to define and pop!


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