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Ways to Make a Vegan Diet More Budget-Friendly


Meat-eaters have a ton of options if they want to cut their food costs. Still, when it comes to vegans, it’s not that easy. Most vegan products are less affordable than animal products, and trying to eat on a budget requires a more serious approach.

In this article, we’ll go over a few tips on how to make your vegan diet more affordable by employing some tactics that will make a slight but significant change in your life. Let’s dive into it. 

Buy Frozen Food

In general, frozen food is more affordable than fresh food. Some products, like the frozen cauliflower, can be found for half the price of the fresh one. 

Frozen food also has a longer shelf life, or better yet a deep-freezer life. These products are made to last for a long time if they are adequately stored in the freezer. Fresh fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, won’t last more than a week, and some of them can spoil after a few days.

Buying frozen food is a great way to save money. That way, you can always have something in your freezer that can be used for your next meal. Instead of spending more money on fresh veggies and fruits and throwing them away if they’re not used in time, you can choose this option and always have something to rely on when hungry.

Compare Prices

It’s hard to say that something good came out of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the crisis indeed revolutionized online grocery shopping, which made us all shop more food online. 

You can now go online and see the prices of many products in one place rather than going from store to store. You can also compare prices more easily and save a lot in the long run. 

The vast majority of us are used to shopping in markets that are closer to us. Now, when we’re all in lockdown, we can use the situation to explore other places and save some money along the way. 

Avoid Eating Out

Not everyone can afford to eat at a restaurant regularly, but cutting this practice from your life entirely might be a brilliant thing to do. Restaurants are expensive for everyone, but if you’re a vegan, expensive is an understatement. 

According to a study by Caterer, vegans pay up to 65% more for their meals in restaurants than regular customers. This amount makes a huge difference, and if you want to cut your expenses, it’s smart to start avoiding eating out. It’s better to prepare meals yourself and surprise your loved ones with some fantastic vegan recipes. 

Eat What the Season Offers

If you want to eat cherries in the winter, you’ll need to spend a fortune to make this pleasure possible. Every piece of produce has its season when it’s the cheapest. 

Each season has its array of fruits and vegetables you can choose from. Everyone has favorites, but if you want your diet to be budget-friendly, this is one of the best ways to save money and still eat fresh and healthy.

Cook More Than Just One Meal

Everyone thinks that cooking one small portion is going to save you money, but no one realizes how convenient the use of the leftovers can be. Meat dishes spoil very fast, but vegan dishes can go directly into the freezer and be used whenever you like it.

Still, it’s best not to let that food sit in your freezer for more than a day or two. That way, it’ll still be fresh and you’ll have a delicious home-cooked meal that you can bring to work instead of buying something from street vendors or eating in fast-food restaurants.

Choose More Affordable Ingredients

If you’re cooking a meal and the recipe says you need to grind some walnuts, you don’t necessarily have to do this. You can go with something else that’s less expensive. An excellent substitution for pricier nuts is peanuts. They give your dish a similar flavor and are cheaper. 

You can do this with many other ingredients that seem too expensive. Feel free to use what’s more affordable at the moment instead of spending a ton of money on something that can’t be bought for a fair price in stores. Substitute ingredients for something similar and get the same result. 


Veganism is much more than a trend or a passing fad. It’s an eco-friendly lifestyle that everyone should have in mind because lives are saved by practicing it. According to vegan statistics, one person who stops eating meat saves eight animals each month.

Eating vegan food, as was said above, can often be expensive. Not everyone has unlimited amounts of money to spend on groceries. Still, everyone must do as much as possible to fight for a better tomorrow.


Written by Milica Kostic

Milica is a business enthusiast and content specialist who takes joy in writing about marketing, cybersecurity, tech, finance, health. Her publications can be seen all over the web: Eventbrite, Gulf News, Host Review, CCM to name a few. Her knowledge came from many years of B2B communication-based roles with 4 years of guiding world-known brands toward award-winning customer experience initiatives. She is also an advocate for vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal, and human rights with a degree in Sociology.

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