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Visit Tuscany, With Its Spectacular Hill Towns And Scenery!!!


Tuscany is certainly one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. It could be said that Tuscany has so much impact on Italian and European culture. Tuscany, with its spectacular hill towns and scenery, is one of Italy’s top vacation destinations. Historic cities and art, great wine and food, medieval hill towns, beaches, and beautiful countryside, you can find in Tuscany.

You definitely should visit Tuscany. Here are our suggestions:



Things to do:

1. Take the ticket “Il grande museo del duomo”. With single ticket you can visit (with this priority); Dome; Belle Tower; Cathedral, and if you have enough time Baptistry (the most famous things are the doors outside); Museum; Crypt.


2. Book in advance (at least 6 month) a ticket for “Corridoio Vasariano“. It’s a special path hidden into Florence’s building that connect Palazzo Vecchio (city hall) to Medici main (Palazzo Vecchio) through Uffizi and Ponte Vecchio with a hidden balcony inside one of the major florentine church. This hidden path has been created for the Medici family and survived the wars. It’s a prestige experience that could give you a special and different point of view of the city.


3. Go to the Accademia, to cappella brancacci and cappelle medicee.


4. If you have time go to Uffizi museum (some times queues are too long and unfortunately you have to skip this visit unless you can spend half a day in queue).


5. Visit San Frediano district by night, it’s such a thing in the last years.


6. Visit Piazzale Michelangelo and, as a Florentine, try to recognize all famous buildings on the Florentine skyline from Piazzale Michelangelo.



Where to eat something very quick:

1. Central Market (Mercato centrale di San Lorenzo) it’s an old historical market refreshed in last years. It’s perfect to take something typical for lunch (try trippa alla fiorentina, ribollita or porchetta).





Where to eat for dinner:

1. To have a typical T bone, book to Latini restaurant



2. To have a Florentine experience with the most famous chef (Picchi) go to Teatro del Sale. It’s a buffet cooked by a famous chef with a kitchen with a view. It’s not just for eating but also to enjoy the way the chef presents food (in Florentine) and a good show. Book in advance and select a music show (eg. jazz), so it will be not in Italian. This restaurant it’s located in a theatre. This chef has other two classic restaurants and a bistro in the same district if you are looking for something more classic (Cibreo and Cibreino)



3. Enoteca Pinchiorri. It’s a three star restaurant with a fabulous list of wine





You also should travel to Siena. There are many things to do. Get a classic tour of Siena with Piazza del Palio; Cathedral and Torre del Mangia



You should consider: Tour dei Bottini di Siena. It’s an interesting underground passageways built for aqueduct. Some actions, one of the last has been shoot here.



Where to eat:

1. Osteria le Logge. With a retrò fashion, nice to see and to eat in. It’s an old grocery with some old style furnitures.



2. Porri One. A side of Piazza del Campo






Things to do/eat and drinks:


1. Visit the town (you can find picturesque streets and churches, built under the Medici)



2. Visit Castello Banfi (one of the most famous chianti label) . You can go here to eat at the restaurant or to visit wine cellars.



3. Tour of historical cellar in Montepulciano






Visit Cortona and go to the Cortona On the Move. It’s an international photographic festival set up in town. Lots of historical building are dedicated to photo reportage. It’s very interesting and so nice!



Visit Relais il Falconiere and organize a vineyard visit and tour (vineyard; cellar wine champagne )



Where to eat something very quick:

Vineria del Corso in the center of the town with good cold cuts and good wine



Where to eat for dinner:

Ristorante Casa Cecco, Civitella in val di Chiana : wonderful place with quality meat and wine



La loggetta, Cortona city center

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