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There are a few pleasures in a woman’s life and one of them is shopping vintage clothes or better say iconic pieces that have lasted over time.

In different parts of the world you will find small shops that look so old and ugly from the outside, but when you step inside you are fascinated by the amount of their vintage pieces, that are unique and were a must ages ago.

If you are lucky enough you might find a vintage Chanel bag, or Dior sunglasses that you won’t even believe your eyes.

As fashion is approaching to sustainability, vintage shopping is a good way to start your path towards being sustainable.

This is why we decided to bring you our favourite Vintage Shops that will soon become your favourite as well. These shops have an impressive collection and you will certainly find an iconic piece you used to admire.

  1. The Way We Wore in Los Angeles

This store offers a selection of vintage pieces from the twentieth century. You can find anything, from haute couture to cocktail dresses, from daily wear to sportswear. All the clothing is beautiful and well kept.


  1. What goes around comes around

If you are the kind of person that is too lazy to go shopping or doesn’t have time at all, we suggest this online vintage shop to start your search and find the items you most adore. There is a dedicated squad behind “What goes around comes around” and they travel all around the world in the hunt for the most unique pieces.


  1. Treasures of NYC

Another online shop worth taking into consideration is Treasures of NYC.

One iconic piece they had was the 90s nylon bag from Prada which was a huge hit back then and Prada decided to bring the modern version of this bag into the spotlight again. Why get the new version when you can buy the original one back from the 90s?


  1. Vintage Delirium in Milan

If you travel to Milan you might probably find vintage shops in every corner. This beautiful city is filled with amazing shops that will fascinate you. If you go to Brera district, the most famous and favourite location for art lovers, you will certainly find hidden gems that have an impressive variety of clothes, bags, shoes, accessories etc.

A famous vintage shop is Delirium, which has some very beautiful second hand items for you to shop.


  1. Cavalli e Nastri

Cavalli e Nastri is another vintage shop you will find in Brera, which offers vintage pieces from the 60s up to the 90s. You can also go to their website and shop online.


  1. Bivio Milano

Even though this shop is not 100% vintage, if you are lucky enough you will find some vintage pieces at a very reasonable price. There are two Bivio shops in Milan and you can also check their Instagram account where every day they publish their latest finds for you to check. This shop has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and we are sure you will love it too. They offer everything, from vintage pieces to those which belong to nowadays fashion and the prices are quite affordable.


  1. Valois Vintage Paris

Even the charming city of Paris has many vintage shops. Why wouldn’t it? Paris is the capital of love and fashion. Famous fashion brands like Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Balmain, etc., were created in this beautiful city. Valois Vintage Paris is a well-known vintage shop in Paris. If you happen to travel in Paris you should consider visiting this place.




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