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Vintage Christmas Ads


Everywhere we look, every street, every corner is filled with Christmas ads. This is a way for brands to attract many individuals during the holiday season. Major importance is given to commercials and ads that are all about Christmas.

They attract people and make them head to stores or shop online for the perfect gift for their beloved ones, or even better, a gift to themselves. Even supermarkets are part of it as they offer reasonable deals and customers tend to be hypnotized by them.

With the advancements in technology we keep seeing the most wonderful ads that have ever existed. Some of them tend to tell a story that amuses us, but make us cry at the same time. John Lewis is the very example to what we are referring to.

But, if you go way back in time, Christmas ads were just a piece of paper. They were filled with drawings and illustrations of parents, babies, dogs, friends, food, drinks, etc., but the message was the same: attracting people.

They might have been lost in time, but after a quick search on the internet we found some amazing Christmas ads that could totally bring all the holiday vibes. We know you’d be amazed to see all these beautiful vintage Christmas ads.


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