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Trend Alert: Tracksuits


Tracksuits are celebrities’ latest obsession and we are all IN for that. Everyone wants to feel comfortable and be comfortable so the tracksuit makes the perfect choice. Maybe it is time that we all say goodbye to yoga pants and that retro sportswear and make room for the 90s/00s tracksuits.

The tracksuit dates back in the 60s on the racetracks, or tracks, from which it takes its name. Adidas was one of the first brands that created the tracksuit. The trend became popular in the 90s thanks to the rappers that made possible for everyone choose tracksuits as a daily wear.

The 00s was all about those Juicy Couture tracksuits with Paris Hilton becoming the “Queen of Tracksuits”. Celebrities loved them, everyone loved them and wore them nonstop.

Nowadays the tracksuit has made a comeback and it is becoming everyone’s obsession. That is why we want to show you how celebrities are styling them.

Bella Hadid



Amina Muaddi

Getty Images


Emily Ratajkowski

Getty Images


Gigi Hadid


Kim Kardashian



Hailey Bieber


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