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Trend Alert: Bangs!


A new season has begun, so how about some changes of your look? Your hair maybe?

If you like to experiment with your look, opt for bangs, and you will never regret it. We are sure that many women believe that having bangs is just a simple change of the hairstyle, but they are not aware of the impact they have after getting them.

Bangs have become quite popular these past few years and we have a list of a few well-known faces that are recognised from their signature look. The actress Jane Birkin is not known only for inspiring the iconic Hermes Birkin Bag, but she is quite known for her thin straight hair with bangs. Anna Wintour, has never betrayed her signature look, a bob with a fringe and Brigitte Bardot has always served us the perfect curtain bangs.

But changing your hairstyle and having bangs is quite a challenge and the hair stylist should pay lots of attention to the details you give and analyse your face structure for the right model. You can go for the side bangs, straight-cut bangs or bangs separated in the middle and also a bob with a fringe. It is time you find what model fits you right as this autumn/winter bangs are the real deal.

For example, we saw Anne Hathaway during Fashion Week in New York with bangs and it totally reminded us of her character in The Devil Wears Prada. Kylie Jenner was pictured with bangs and we loved it.

So why it is taking you so long to head to the salon and have those bangs?


Anne Hathaway

Pierre Suu/GC Images





Emily Ratajkowski

Getty Images


Kylie Jenner


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