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Things Every Women Wants Her Man to Do Without Asking


Keeping your love alive doesn’t have to be hard if you do a little every day.Relationships consist of a lot of giving and taking. Making a woman happy is actually really simple and just making little things to make her feel special and loved.

Women are emotional creatures, so it’s only natural that things that are most important to them are often not from the material realm, but rather deal with some spiritual values and general showcases of affection that don’t necessarily include actual presents. So if a man does these things, the relationship will be so much better because his woman is happy.

Below is a list of things every women wants her man to do without asking:


Give her compliments

Since your girlfriend is as human as you are, she’d be flattered and thrilled by compliments, especially if they come from you. Compliment her when she is dolled-up and compliment her when she is in everyday clothes with little makeup.



Leave her sweet texts

Sending a romantic text message is one of the best ways to show your love. Send one (or more) of these sweet love text messages. Romantic text messages are the easiest way to let your special someone know that you’re thinking about her.



Talk about your feelings

Noticing your feelings and saying how you feel can help you feel better. Say her ‘I love you’ and describe how you feel when you are with her and how much she means to you. communication is the key to healthy relationships, so you shouldn’t omit that part.




Take her on dates

Whether you’ve just met or have already lived together for some time, it’s always important to keep your relationships fresh. Call your girl right now and tell her you’re taking her out to dinner tonight. Take her out to dinner and give her your full attention.



Try to cook her favorite food

An intimate dinner for two and trying to cook her favorite food makes up for everything, and is a wonderful way to show her how much she means to you.



Call her during your busy moments

Call her during your office hours and just say that you are thinking about her. She will appreciate this. Women love it when their men show emotions and show them their kinder and softer sides.


Listen to her

Being a good listener is one of the attributes women cherish most in men. It is true that women are naturally talkative, but that’s never a guarantee to giving her deaf ears when she talks. Women appreciate being listened to.



Surprise Her

Even if you think your girl doesn’t like surprises, you should have a respectable surprise for her anyway. A bouquet of fresh flowers not just in her birthday will be perfect. Simply put, actions speak louder than words and a surprise or two can go a long way.



Respect her friends

Just as your friends are important to you, so are her friends. When you get to know your girlfriend a little better, you will naturally get acquainted with the people close to her. Respect her friends is really important to her.



Don’t flirt with other girls

When you flirts with other girls, you will shows her you are not committed to her, and that she is no more special to him than all the other girls.

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