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The Wide Belt Is Quickly Ruling And Making A Name For Itself In 2018


Belts, hats, gloves – all these and many other accessories play an essential role in every woman’s life. Due to the wide range, women have the opportunity to change the image quickly, and to highlight the style and personality. While we’re well aware belts never actually went anywhere, a recent surge in popularity makes it seem like they’ve made quite the comeback. Belts drew the eye more than the clothes, which felt built to match. Wide Belts was fall/winter 2017-2018’s biggest trend but this trend is here again for Spring 2018. The runways indicate that the wide, waist-cinching belt is here to stay. Look no further than the season’s runways, where the wide belt is quickly ruling and making a name for itself. The colors of fashion belts in Spring-Summer 2018 proved also to be quite varied. Besides standard achromatic and brown, often were seen articles in blue, yellow, light blue, red.

A wide belt can accentuate your waist, narrow it, conceal the flab, enhance your curves (it’s not a bad thing!) and add a finishing touch to a loose-fitted shirt, cardigan or dress. It pretty much gives you all of the good stuff for looking trendy and gorgeous!






Gucci Spring/Summer 2018




Altuzarra Spring/Summer 2018




Michael Kors



Salvatore Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2018




Balmain Spring/Summer 2018



Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2018



Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2018




Fendi Spring/Summer 2018




Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2018



Marina Hoermanseder  Spring/Summer 2018


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