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The Time Machine


I have always dreamt about a time machine which could allow me to time travel, to go back and have a look at how people dressed and lived in the earlier decades. Not being able to possess a time machine, I have chosen to experiment with the way I dress, the way I do my photo shoots and to travel as much as I can so that I can get the most of every country I visit.

For this photo shoot I was inspired by this red car of the 60s. I like to call it my time machine because it ignites my imagination and made me create three different styles from that time: 1. Lady Style; 2. Babydoll – featuring a girl who falls for the school’s bad boy; 3. A rebel girl who loves jeans, wearing a lot of bijoux and only listens to Rock & Roll music in her car.

I am already in love with this photo shoot and I do hope it will inspire you to get to love this outfits which can also be worn nowadays since fashion itself is a time machine! :)

Photo: Eugenio Qose
Makeup and hair: Lili Ismaili
Location: Firenze
Style: Armina Mevlani


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