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Less can be moresometimes. In this case, we’re talking about what goes down in the bedroom. What if we reminded you of how amazing sex can be when nothing else is involved? Meaning the porn is turned off and the toys are tucked away in their drawers.

Yes, today we’re turning the kink down a notch, allowing you to connect with your significant other (maybe even on a deeper level). Strip down (physically and figuratively) and get to know each other without the distractions. Please each other the good old-fashioned way. Here are some simple ways you can spice things up in the bedroom without sex toys and vibrators.

To set the mood:
Put on your favorite sexy-time playlist.

To increase your confidence:
Wear your favorite lingerie set.

To spark passion:
Look into each other’s eyes, don’t just make eye contact.

To please them:
Ask them what they’re interested in.

To increase intimacy:
Really get to know your partner’s body by kissing every inch.

Be in the moment and enjoy the ride … if you know what we mean. *wink wink*


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