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Manifestation is a concept that often becomes skewed. People forget the real, applied work involved, and think it revolves around wanting something bad enough. While that’s certainly part of it, it’s far from the whole kit and caboodle.

We all want things—humans innately desire. We want many things, all day, every day. But what can we do to actualize them? We spoke with Lacy Phillips, founder of To Be Magnetic, the modern guide to holistic living and manifesting the life you truly desire, to give us the clearest explanation possible.

First, we have to get past our inner skeptic. 

“Think about the areas of your life where you feel such unshakable confidence, even if it’s something small like a hobby or skill. That area of your life just flows, right? That’s because you have high subconscious self-worth in that area, and self-worth is the law of attraction. You’re already manifesting and you didn’t even realize it.

Now, think of an area where you just never can seem to get what you want—relationships, money, career, friends, whatever. That area of life that always feels sticky. Is there anyone around you who models exactly what you want in that area? Or did you witness or experience pain, shame, or limiting beliefs around that area of life as a kid? You’re not getting what you want in this part of your life (aka manifesting) because of low subconscious self-worth, and your brain’s inability to ‘see-to-believe’ that what you want is possible for you,” Phillips explains. Thirty seconds in and our minds are blown.

“So, in order to shift your self-worth, we’ve got to tap into the limbic brain, aka the subconscious. You do this through mediation and self-hypnosis. The workshops inside our Pathway membership have audio recordings that are our proprietary blend of the two, which is called a Deep Imagining.

This is how you reprogram your subconscious. And there are tons of other steps and energetics you learn about in The Pathway too, like tests from the Universe, Expanders, Magic Darks, and more. Simple as that! It’s all based on neuroscience and psychology, with just a dash of energetics.”

The concept is simple, yes, but the reality is a lot more self-work than we may realize. That’s why Phillips created this whole program—it’s not just a manifestation workshop, it’s a self-realizing, self-discovery, self-work intensive that teaches us how to believe in and love ourselves first. The rest, as she says, will simply flow.

Get serious with a journaling practice.

If you’re not really into journaling and wondering just how important that step is or if it’s something that can be skipped … the answer is a hard no.

“It’s VERY important! Especially in the beginning of your practice,” Phillips shares.

“It helps shake your subconscious loose, and then when you’re doing subconscious reprogramming through our Deep Imaginings, you’ll be able to go deeper and create a more healing experience for yourself. I think there’s new research that came out suggesting that journaling might be almost as powerful as meditation. [We can’t find that exact study, but here’s a fun one.] The team and I put together The Manifestation Journal for this exact purpose. It’s how we suggest laying out your journal so you can stay organized in your process, and is really more of a manifestation workbook.”


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