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The Perks of Being a Kardashian-Jenner!


Kim Kardashian is one of the most inspiring people on Hollywood. Maybe we can say that we are now living in the time or planet of the Kardashians and we have reached a point of no return, where no one can get away from them, since it’s almost impossible not to know their every move. Even someone who doesn’t approve of her career has heard at least once of Kim or the Kardashians as a whole, as they have become the most famous family in the whole world.

But, their fame didn’t come over night and it’s not a coincidence.

Everything started in the 70s, in San Diego, when a teenage girl met an important layer. We’re talking about Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian, the latest becoming famous about defending OJ Simpson. This was the first time the Kardashians were heard of.


Kris Jenner never thought about college or university, but hoped to finish high school and find a rich husband. Her heart broke when Robert Kardashian left her for Priscilla Presley, Elvis Presley’s wife, but then they got together again and their marriage lasted until 1991.

Kris later on marries Olympian Bruce Jenner, whom she has two daughters with: Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Even this marriage was one of her strategies. She had always had ideas and goals. Her only goal was: achieving fame and money, characteristics she would later pass on to her daughters and would become what they were known for.


Kris Jenner is also called a ‘momager’ because she is also the manager of her daughters.


Kim Kardashain is Kris’s favored child, the one she has always been more dedicated to, and she has pressed on to her about becoming rich and famous. Kris Jenner has done everything to achieve this.


Kim first became famous due to the sex tape that came out of the web with her and her ex, rapper Ray J. But, this was not a coincidence. In reality, it was Kim’s mom who gave her the idea of posting the video, so that they could get the attention wanted. So, everything was planned from the first moment that the video was recorded and it was seen as the best start to fame. And as planned by Kris, it all came true. The said video went viral and made Kim Kardashian famous and known by everyone.


Kim Kardashian and Ray J


But Kris Jenner did not stop there. She saw this as a perfect opportunity toward more fame. In 2007 Kris met Ryan Seacrest and together they made a reality show named “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, a show featuring their family’s life and included not only Kris and Kim but her other daughters as well: Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, as well as Kylie and Kendall Jenner. The reality show was very successful in America and beyond and became a global phenomena thus giving life the Kardashian’s dynasty.

Well before becoming famous, Kim had a very close relationship with the one that can be called as her predecessor, Paris Hilton, at the time when Kim was just one of her assistants. Kim and Paris share the same approach to the road of fame: both of them became famous for their sexual videos being posted on the internet, but unlike Paris, Kim turned out smarter because she knew how to keep her fame and not end up as someone who would be famous for split seconds and then her fame would die down; she kept her fame up and above. Her fame is growing day by day and so are her wealth and her power.

Kim Kardashian offered something other stars cannot provide: her true self! She plays with social media making everything and everyone work for her by making headlines and having more views than world leaders. It is hard, almost unbelievable that you may one day wake up and not read a news about Kim Kardashian and her family in the most important medias worldwide. Moreover, these medias earn a lot by using her name and image, so they should literally be thankful to her, since every news about her sells a lot. Kim’s business, her marriage to Kanye West, her selfies or naked pictures or her ongoing postings about her make-up choices or hair styles are always at the center of the attention. Everything the Kardashians do is news and spoken about.

Kim Kardashian has made great amounts of money by using her fame from being a TV star to a social media queen. The Kardashian/Jenner dynasty is one of the most successful families in the world of show-biz with an estimated wealth of 173 million Euros. The whole family got rich thanks to Kim: now all of her sisters have their own successful businesses.


As mentioned above, Kris Jenner had it all planned from the very beginning. She and her family are now known for being “famous for being famous”.


The Kardashian family is also one of the most talked about families and has often been part of many TV debates.

Love her or hate her, Kim will keep on conquering everything she and her family wishes to!



By: Irini Meçe

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