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The NO Makeup Makeup Trend


One of this season’s beauty trends is related to the “no makeup” makeup rule. As weird as it may sound, this trend consists on the fact that during summer 2018 we should focus more on creating the illusion that we haven’t worn any makeup. Maybe you can turn this into a game to trick others on believing that you haven’t applied anything at all and let’s see who pays close attention.

Barely there makeup is a trend, because celebrities have embraced it for quite some time now. But, getting the “no makeup” makeup look takes some time, and you better do your best if you do not want your friends or colleagues ask if you are feeling OK. Such phenomenon happens a lot, especially if you have decided to show up at work without putting foundation and there is this colleague who asks you if you are sick, because your face has the natural redness, or it looks pale. But, with this season’s newest trend you will learn how to perfectly create the “no makeup” makeup look and no one will ask you if there is anything wrong with you.

Face cleansing

The process always starts with a good cleansing routine, which only requires a gentle cleanser and after that apply a lightweight moisturizer.


Your main focus while applying foundation is to make sure that you turn your foundation into being invisible. There is no need for super powers on doing it: the choice of shade and the way it is applied are the two main factors that will help you make your foundation invisible. Opt for the shade that perfectly adapts to your natural skin color and spread it with a brush.


If you want to give the impression that you haven’t applied anything on your eye area, you should avoid mascara. Makeup artist, Peter Philips, created the “no makeup” makeup look backstage at Dior Cruise 2019 show. While being interviewed by Vogue Paris, the makeup artist explained that: “To create the illusion of super-thick eyelashes without mascara, all you need is a thin brush and a dark eyeshadow (I used a warm, dark chestnut here). Simply apply the product to the upper lash line.”


Another trick is about defining your brows. Use a shade that matches your brows natural color and apply it carefully. Then you can use a darker shade to intensify your brows a little more.


The final touch is a powder that will make sure your makeup stays in place all day and it looks all natural. Forget about using any blush or bronzer, because the powder is the one that will come in handy. You can apply the powder on top of the cheeks and on the eyelids if you like.





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By Enxhi Tufina

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