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The Most Iconic Sunglasses Of All Time


Ever since the 1920s, sunglasses have been more than just a way to protect our eyes from the sun; movie stars started wearing them, making them a fashion item. In a century’s time, the world has seen many different types of sunglasses: from tinny and round to fashionably oversized ones.

They are not just a piece of accessory, but have become a must for us all. We make them part of our daily look, our signature look, and we enjoy combining them. Sometimes a pair is not enough as we like having different shapes of sunglasses which can be worn for a simple coffee, during an aperitive, at the beach and on other occasions.

Latest trends in eyewear include the granny sunglasses which have become very popular and the translucent colored lenses, mostly seen on Bella Hadid. But as much as we enjoy embracing new trends nothing can beat the classic cat-eye or the aviator style that will never go out of fashion.

See below some of the most iconic sunglasses worn by celebrities over the years.

Audrey Hepburn

Marilyn Monroe


Grace Kelly


Diane Keaton


Elvis Presley


Steve McQueen


Jackie Kennedy


John Lennon


John Lennon


Michael Jackson


Princess Diana


Lisa Bonet


Al Pacino


Michelle Pfeiffer


Julia Roberts


Heather Graham




Michael Jackson


Justin Timberlake


Carla Bruni


Britney Spears


Susan Sarandon


Jennifer Aniston


Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow


Drew Barrymore




Tom Cruise


Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith


Kurt Cobain


Robert De Niro


Meryl Streep


Kate Middleton


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