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The Major Benefits of BODY GUA SHA


We’ve been obsessed with the simplicity and therapeutic practice of gua sha for the face for a while now. We love how this calming, ancient routine rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine relieves tension, gives a microburst of circulation to speed healing, and improves lymphatic drainage in the face for an overall more contoured, depuffed, glowing complexion. Just imagine what it can do for the rest of the body.

Sophie Lonsinger, the massage therapist and bodyworker behind Conscious Living by Sophie, was top of mind for us at Poosh when it comes to body healing modalities. Because we are obsessed with our Heat Healer infrared heat experience, we love to compound the benefits with an all-out home spa practice using the big and beautiful Bian stone body gua sha tool. We asked Lonsinger to give us the lowdown—the benefits will blow your mind.

Smooths out cellulite

“Body gua sha massage is the perfect technique for cellulite, tension, and fluid retention. As you begin to release stress and break up fascia adhesions and connective tissue with the gua sha tool, you increase blood flow in the skin so that more nutrients enter the skin and waste leaves the skin. It will help release extra fluid and fatty tissue stuck in the fascia and promote a better skin texture.”

Lymphatic drainage

When using the right body gua sha tool, you can promote lymphatic drainage by promoting your strokes in natural lymph flow. This will encourage toxins and fluid to flush out and decrease swelling in your body. Lymphatic drainage with gua sha must be performed with lighter pressure in areas with more lymph nodes and is ideal for stimulating blood circulation and promoting wound healing and detox, especially in places where toxins can get stagnant, like around the breast, armpits, and under the chin.”

Not only does using a gua sha tool for the body ease muscle tension, Lonsinger shares, but it relieves stress by lowering cortisol levels, and it can improve sleep! “Gua sha is good for preeminent musculoskeletal problems like tightness in the shoulders, legs, and back.”

Improves microbiome health

Our microbiome plays a major role in absorbing nutrients from our food, and when we have slow lymphatic flow, tight muscles, and knotted-up fascia, it’s difficult for our body to detox. When these passageways are relieved of tension and in healthy, lubricated form, our microbiome can function better. And, since gua sha increases microcirculation, Longsinger explains, this has an anti-inflammatory effect on the entire body as well, which has profound effects on the gut.

Improves skin function and hydration

“Overall, gua sha helps active ingredients in your skincare products penetrate the skin deeper and have a more prolonged, lasting effect.” Consistent practice will promote better function of the skin from the inside out, leaving it smoother and more hydrated.


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