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The Iconic Red!


Certain colors look amazing on everyone, and red is undoubtedly one of them. It’s Red alert!

From tracksuits to coats, oversize knits, accessories and lipsticks, there’s an entry point for every lady in red this season.

We say red all over!! So when in doubt wear red, because  this season red is the new black!

Go all-out with a red maxi dress and boots or mix prints, shades, for a timeless color. Much like lipstick, there’s a red to suit everyone.

The color red catches the eye and fires the imagination. Red is fascinating, too, because it has so many meanings. So feminine and so sensual in the same time.

We have seen that every fashion lover love red color.  “There is a shade of red in every woman”, said every time Audrey Hepburn.

We have rounded Red-Dresses moments from Audrey Hepburn to Bella Hadid. Take a look to be more inspired and embrace red color this season because it is a big trend…


A Lady in Red like Marilyn Monroe 




Sweetheart in Red, Audrey Hepburn



Princess Diana Loved Red!!





Kate Middelton




Beautiful Cindy Crawford in Red



Brigitte Bardot






Pretty Bella Hadid




Kaia Gerber






Winnie Harlow 




Gigi Hadid




Camila Coelho



Olivia Culpo




Song of Style




Lisaveta Popova

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