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The Health Benefits of Eustress

Fun fact: there are two different types of stress. Distress and eustress. Most of us, when thinking about stress, are often referring to distress which, according to Google, is “extreme anxiety, sorrow, or pain.” Eustress, on the other hand, can be defined as a moderate or normal psychological stressor that is interpreted as being beneficial for the person experiencing it. Examples of positive stress can be having a baby (someone to care for other than yourself), buying a house (now having a mortgage), a work promotion (more responsibility), new exercise goals, anticipating a new date, and so on.

Although new challenges cause stress more often than not there is a goal behind the eu-stressor. This motivates us as humans. Leading to happiness, excitement, and fulfillment for the task.

So why are we advocates of eustress here at Poosh? The answer is simple: living and working outside of your comfort zone allows for growth, which is a good thing. Growing pains allow for us to be better people, which makes coexisting on this planet, well, more enjoyable. Imagine a life without positive stressors. We would easily become bored, uneasy, or in some cases depressed.


How to turn distress into eustress:

Build a “stress wall”

You have to use your imagination here. Envision a wall inside of your mind that is going to combat your distressing thoughts. The idea here is to imagine worrying thoughts being deflected off the wall until you’re ready to take that wall down and deal with the situation at hand. This can help reduce anxiety and lower your overall stress level at that particular moment.

Focus on positive things in your life

Spending time with positive people can have an uplifting effect on your overall well-being. Finding someone who has the same stressors as you can also be an opportunity to deal with these problems together.

Let the little things go

When you realize that you cannot control anything except your actions/reactions to things it’ll give you a different perspective on the situation.

Practice mindfulness and being present

When you focus on the present it leaves less room to worry about the future. Bask in that glory for a minute.

Use the reward system

By giving yourself a deadline to do the task that stresses you out, you give yourself something to look forward to: being done with that stress! Once you’ve completed a big or small project, reward yourself. Using this system will help encourage and motive you to knock out your to-do list.

Being stressed is a mindset

Life is about choices. Choose to change your distressed mindset to a positive one in which (with the tools listed above) you tackle the negative in order to change it into a positive headspace.

Being grateful goes a long way

Refocus your energy by practicing the act of gratefulness and appreciating what you do have rather than focusing on the things that you don’t have.



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