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The Health Benefits of DAILY ORGASMS


Apples and orgasms both keep the doctor away? Well … let’s dive in.

As Dr. Kate Balestrieri—licensed psychologist, certified sex and PACT couples therapist, and founder of Modern Intimacy, puts it, “In French, an orgasm is often referred to as la petite mort, or ‘the little death,’ because following one, humans go into a gooey state of semi-consciousness after expending their life force. Interpreted another way: you have to surrender in order to have an orgasm. If you’re not letting someone in psychologically, have been betrayed, or are someone who loves control, you may find it challenging to let go enough to relax fully into the sensations that bring about an orgasm.”

So what are the benefits of letting go of control and leaning into daily orgasms? Release … lots of release.

Read on to learn three reasons to get off more often for the sake of your mental health (and pleasure, of course).


Release of feel-good chemicals and reduced stress
When you orgasm, you free endorphins, which as you know are chemicals produced in your body to help relieve stress. Your body also releases oxytocin and dopamine (feel-good chemicals), truly making you feel good in more ways than one.


Self-confidence and self-pleasure 
Whether you’re reaching the O solo or with a partner, most people feel more confident post-orgasm. The reasoning? Because they are in touch with and aware of their needs, they are allowing their headspace to chill and body to relax, and they are ultimately reaching the orgasmic spot.


The more you explore in the bedroom, the more you’ll know what you like and don’t like, but it starts with exploration and an open mind. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new kink or toy that gets you off in record time. You’ll never know until you try! Until then, here’s to carving out more time for daily play.


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