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THE GREEN FLAGS to Know That You’re Growing

It’s easy to call out the red flags in life, but what about waving the green ones? The reminders that you’re doing the right thing and going in the right direction on this rollercoaster that we call life. To evolve and be aware of your own growth is important. Being conscious of the correct choices you’re making will allow you to make healthy decisions a habit. And we’re all for instilling positive coping mechanisms into our life. Acknowledge and give yourself credit the next time you notice a green flag. Consider it an internal stamp of approval that you’re living your best life for your future you. Read for a list of signs that show you’re headed in the right direction.


When you look in the mirror and realize that your happiness is intrinsic and you have full control of it.


When you downsize on your number of friends because you realize not everyone has your best intentions at heart.


When you go for someone who helps you grow and blossom instead of holding you back.


When you prioritize your trajectory and goals for life instead of always choosing the “fun” option or plans.


When you find a passion and make it your career.


When you notice that the “wants” are not necessary and start saving for a “need.”


When you know that your time and energy are valuable and shouldn’t be taken for granted, meaning you’re not wasting them.


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