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The Check & Plaid Mania


If you’ve spent any amount of time on Instagram in the past few weeks, you’ve seen it happen before your very eyes. There’s one print that’s dominating fashion town, and that’s checks and plaid. Vintage prints are making a comeback and we’re seeing a lot of plaid and checks everywhere.

The original vintage 70s plaid is back in its purest form. Plaids are still in fashion and are everywhere this time of year. You think of checks as being strictly winter-only, but they’re making a convincing case for summer.

The great thing about checks and plaid is that they feel fresh no matter the season, so they will still work in your summer wardrobe. This summer, you’ll find the design most frequently on dresses and swimsuits. Checked dresses and swimsuits are proving to be a popular trend right now. From the runways to street style, checked clothes are really making their mark.

The look is a little bit retro but with plenty of modern potential. Whether it’s a top, dress or skirt, you’ll definitely be on-trend in checked clothes this season.


They are so romantic, trendy, casual or tightly fitted.  If you’re ready to inject more excitement into your wardrobe, take a look to be more inspired.

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