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The Best Wedding Hair Styles of All Time


Whether you are the bride, the bridesmaid or you just happen to be a random guest at a wedding, we have selected the perfect hairstyle ideas for you. It is always frustrating figuring out what to wear to a wedding, but the situation gets even more complicated when you need to deal with choosing the right hairstyle.

You want to impress everyone and such thing requires perfectionism which can only be found by going back in time and seeing what famous personalities and beauty icons wore on their wedding day. Maybe you want the elegance of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, or your true wild spirit can be perfectly found in Bianca Jagger and Yoko Ono. But if you are more into a bohemian inspired wedding, then a hairstyle alla Kate Moss or Farrah Fawcett is perfect for you.

We have selected many famous icons on their wedding day, so you can have a close look at what their choice of hairstyle was.


Audrey Hepburn, 1954


Betty Catroux, 1968


Bianca Jagger, 1971


Brigitte Bardot, 1959


Cindy Crawford


Diana Ross, 1986


Farrah Fawcett, 1973


Grace Kelly, 1956


Iman, 1992


Ingrid Bergman, 1937


Jacqueline Kennedy, 1952


Jane Birkin, 1965


Kate Moss, 2011


Lauren Bacall, 1945


Marilyn Monroe, 1956


Mia Farrow, 1968


Priscilla Presley, 1967


Solange Knowles


Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor, 1937


Yoko Ono, 1969


Photos are taken from Vogue US

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