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The Best Royal Family Christmas Cards


Christmas is a time to spread joy and cheer, and that extends to the royal family across the pond. For the past 70 years, it’s been of royal tradition to release Christmas cards (a British-ism, as they’re often known in the U.S. as “holiday cards”) to the public to get a behind-the-scenes peek into royal life. From the early cards of King George to the new, more modern portraits featuring Princess Charlotte and Prince George, we’re just happy to see some royal cheer. Here’s a few of our favorite royal Christmas cards.

Queen Elizabeth II’s grandparents, King George V and Queen Mary, sent this holiday card to the troops fighting in World War I.


A nine-year-old Princess Margaret and a thirteen-year-old (then) Princess Elizabeth pose for the holiday portrait, a practice started by the Queen’s parents, George VI and Queen Elizabeth.


Just like her grandparents, Queen Elizabeth sent Christmas portraits to the Grenadier Guards regiment of the British Army, who were fighting in World War II.


1969 & 1979
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh posed for family portraits with the whole family ten years apart, featuring Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward.


Amidst rumors of marital strife, Charles, Diana, and the boys still sat down for their annual Christmas portrait.


Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s first Christmas portraits with a baby Prince William!


Check out Prince William holding his baby brother! This year’s edition may have been an early insight as to inner turmoil in in Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage—check how she’s not looking into the camera.


Look at the puppy! The royals posed for a fun holiday portrait this year, with Charles in charge of wrangling the dog and Diana just hanging with the dog. Look how happy Prince Harry is!


The royal love for horses is well-known and well-documented, so it should come as no surprise that this year, they posed for the family portrait in the stables.


The boys are in their best holiday festive gear, while Prince Charles and Princess Diana are a little more formal, but they’re ready for what the new decade will bring.


1991 & 1997
What a difference six years makes! The top photo is one of the last family portraits Diana ever posed for, and the bottom was taken just days before Diana’s death in a car crash. Memories?


A candid moment! The 2014 holiday card from Prince Charles and Camilla features the couple laughing during the Invictus Games Opening Ceremony.


Taken in Scotland during royal holiday, this portrait of Charles and Camilla is too sweet for words.


This year’s card shows Prince Phillip and Camilla during their royal tour of Croatia where they met local performers wearing traditional outfits in Tvrda, the old town of the city of Osijek.


By comparison, this year’s portrait is a little subdued compared to the ones prior. But it’s still adorable, we love a Prince Charles and Camilla moment.


The first royal holiday portrait of Prince William, Kate, Prince George and Princess Charlotte is a precious one. Look at how they all coordinate! This is only the beginning of a future of Cambridge family portraits.



From Marie Claire US

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