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The Bermuda Shorts vs. The 90s Miniskirt


Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by women wearing the what-so-called Bermuda shorts and the 90s miniskirt. These two trends appeared last summer, but it looks like this summer they got major importance, because almost everyone is wearing them. Why not wear them when they create the perfect summer outfit that can make you feel comfortable, especially when the high temperatures are being unbearable?

The Bermuda shorts and the miniskirt are two major denim trends that somehow are in a dual with one another. We do not know which one has become more famous this summer, because it is impossible to count the individuals wearing them in the streets. Whether you like to be dressed casual, or in a more sophisticated way, these two trends can come in handy. You can pair the Bermuda shorts, or the miniskirt with a crop top like Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid, or you can cover up and wear a blouse like Kendall Jenner, or an oversized shirt like Rihanna.

If you are more of a sneakers person, or prefer high heels, these two trends can be worn with everything and you will look perfect in every possible occasion.

The Hadid sisters and Kendall Jenner are recognized as the ones who set the trend, especially with the Bermuda shorts, because the three of them have been spotted hanging around wearing the shorts. The miniskirt is not new at all, because it has been around for quite some time and this summer the 90s version of the denim miniskirt is the most coveted one. Back in the 90s, girls loved to pair the miniskirt with a crop top as seen on Pamela Anderson. But, even the early 2000s was filled with them and Paris Hilton is known to embrace this trend like a Pro back at that time. Also, Christina Aguilera made the headlines in 2002 when she arrived at the MTV Video Music Awards in the tiniest miniskirt ever.

Pamela Anderson, 1996



Christina Aguilera, 2002



So, where would you like to place yourself? Are you a Bermuda shorts person, or the miniskirt is the one that better suits you?


The Bermuda shorts

Bella Hadid



Bella Hadid



Bella Thorne



Cara Delevingne



Gigi Hadid



Hailey Baldwin



Kendall Jenner



Kendall Jenner



`Kim Kardashian West



Kylie Jenner



Lily-Rose Depp



The Miniskirt

Alessandra Ambrosio



Bella Hadid



Emily Ratajkowski



Hailey Baldwin






Rita Ora



Selena Gomez



By Enxhi Tufina

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