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The Beauty of the Golden Globes


I must say that this year I really enjoyed watching the Golden Globes. I was so excited and so happy that finally I would see a Red Carpet like never before. It somehow made Black the happiest color ever as actresses, singers, models, directors, writers, and other famous personalities showed their own version on how to wear black.

While watching the red carpet, I was amazed by the variety of earrings worn by most women. Sometimes when you wear a black dress, it makes you look for something different to put on that somehow will give a little bit light on you. Silver, emerald, pearls and diamonds dominated the looks. But let’s go to the glamour part, the hair and make up, which to be honest it was so simple, but classy at the same time.

Being simple it is not an easy task, because the make up artist has lots of work like putting make up on you, but in the same time it has to look like they haven’t applied a thing on you. You see? There is a lot going on when you have to prepare yourself for such event.

This year, the choice of make up was divided in two categories: the ones who decided to add some color to their lips, to make their look more vivid, and the ones who prefer to go nude, but the make up artists did some tricks and they added a few tones of eyeshadows, or they kept it classic and applied only an eyeliner. I have to admit that when it comes to us, the people behind the television , we spend so much time trying to find the perfect look or dress to go out, while the celebrities are the ones who keep things so simple. Just the idea of it makes you laugh.

When it comes to the hairstyle, still there was no craziness in the Red Carpet. Some women kept their hair loose in a beautiful wave, while others decided to create a simple ponytail. So, scroll down and take a look at some mesmerizing  beauty moments from the Golden Globes and enjoy it.

Angelina Jolie


Claire Foy


Dakota Johnson


Emilia Clarke


Emma Stone


Gal Gadot


Halle Berry


Heidi Klum


Jamie Chung


Jessica Biel


Jessica Chastain


Kendall Jenner


Kerry Washington


Margot Robbie


Meryl Streep


Michelle Williams


Millie Bobby Brown


Natalie Portman


Penelope Cruz


Saoirse Ronan


Viola Davis


Zoe Kravitz


Zuri Hall


Photos are courtesy of REX Features

Cover photo is courtesy of Getty Images


Written by: Enxhi Tufina

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