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Some years ago, when I was a teenager, during a trip toBarcelona with my friends, ​​we decided to visit the Salvador Dali museum in that city. I had heard about this painter before, as well as about many other artists of his kind, but I had never been duly informed about the art of painting, by that age. In that museum, you could find a lot of his paintings and even photos. The paintings were surrealistic and one had to spend a lot of time to concentrate on a painting, in order to analyze and come to fully understand it. Because of the school, we were taught to analyze and find meaning in poetry, but I realized that the art of painting was not so far away from the poetry in that respect. Each painting carries a meaning, a message, and each painting has a world of its own. Thus, in that museum I spent many hours watching his paintings, I got lost in them and I did not realize how the time went by (even the whole day was not enough). I wanted to come back to the museum, but we needed to leave Spain, so once I returned to Tirana I started reading about Salvador Dali’s art. One of the pictures that impressed me most was the icon of the lips that was almost everywhere in the museum, even in a big red armchair, in the lips form. Besides
Dali, during my search for paintings and painters, I ran into many other painters, such as Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Renoir, Monet, Tintoretto, and other new painters, among which I have to mention Jack Vettriano as my favorite. During this period I started to visit more exhibitions whenever traveling or when I heard about any exhibition that was opened somewhere. I loved the world of paintings, I used to get lost in them trying to give a meaning to each of them, and many of them have truly impressed me. But foreign artists apart, I have also attended a lot of exhibitions in Albania, but I must admit that my favorite Albanian painter is Gazmend Leka, mainly due to the fact that his paintings also take a lot of time to be grasped, but it may also be because of my taste for the abstract paintings. I love those kinds of pictures that are in a way difficult to understand, give way to fantasy and any time you see them you find something that you had not seen before.

My favorite paintings:

1- The old guitarist – Pablo Picasso

2- Swans reflecting elephants – Salvador Dali

3- 7 days of creations – Salvador Dali

4- The persistence of memory – Salvador Dali

5- The kish – Pablo Picasso

6- Tree of hope – Frida Kahlo

7- Fall of man within the Sistine Chapel Ceiling – Michelangelo

8- Caffe terrace at night – Vincent Van Gogh

9- The singing butler – Jack Vettriano

10- Back where you belong – Jack Vettriano

Dress: Diane Von Furstenberg

Shoes: Diane Von Furstenberg

The lip ring: Argjendari Pirro

The eye ring: Delfina Delettrez

Photography: Anjeza Dyrmishi

Makeup : Egerta Shehu Gstudio

Environment : Vila Vecchia

Pictures i photo: Arkond Canaj

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