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The 90s Tendrils Are Back


The messy bun is the easiest hairstyle you can do while you are working, studying, doing yoga, jogging, swimming etc., but this hairstyle has also become a big trend, especially after Prince Harry started dating Meghan Markle, as the latter has been photographed in many occasions with a messy bun.

A messy bun or a topknot has become everyone’s favorite and it is related to the modern girl’s way of pulling her hair away from her face. This trend is not seen only on random occasions, but the red carpet has also seen many celebrities showing up in an elegant bun, or topknot.

As 2018 is filled with major trends from the 90s, we could not help but noticing that tendrils have become huge again. A messy bun, or topknot paired with tendrils is the new hairstyle that celebrities are opting for.

As soon as we saw this trend circulating everywhere on the internet it reminded us of Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You and we immediately agreed on it making a comeback. The 90s were huge when it came to introducing new ways of dressing up and doing hair and makeup. So, almost everyone has embraced the most important trends of that time in an instant. Are you ready to rock those tendrils like some of our famous celebrities?

Julia Stiles



Claire Danes



Gwyneth Paltrow



Jennifer Aniston



Kate Moss



Kirsten Dunst



Bella Hadid






Clemence Poesy



Emily Ratajkowski



Hailey Baldwin



Karlie Kloss



Kendall Jenner



Meghan Markle



Mollie King



Nicole Kidman



Rosie Huntington Whitely



Vanessa Hudgens


By Enxhi Tufina





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