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THE 10 THINGS Every Adult Should Have in Their Home

Since we aren’t living in frat houses, there is no excuse to live like a young bachelor. Time to toss that “borrowed” mismatched silverware medley you’ve accumulated from the dining commons, IKEA, and that cute corner cafe and get yourself a big girl (or boy) set. When you start compiling some uniform basics, you’ll see your space transform into a place you’ll want to show off. Put your grown-up pants on and start with this list of essentials.


Matching silverware and stemware

While a collection of vintage mismatched ceramics is chic and quirky, mystery silverware is not. And all those wine tumblers covered in sponsored brand etchings tend to make your organic, biodynamic wine somehow less special. Grab a set. Immediately have friends over.


Full set of pots and pans

If you’ve been cooking your meals in shifts around your one tiny skillet that is not-so-nonstick anymore, it’s not only not a good look, but not very healthy. Ingesting the occasional Teflon chip is not part of a balanced diet. Stock up on a full set so you can start cooking real meals, uncompromised.


Non-toxic bedroom sheets

Synthetic materials can make you sweaty, which not only means poor quality of sleep, but can also wreak havoc on your skin. Toss your old duvet and plasticky sheets and grab a cotton set, or another natural fiber. It’s insane what a difference this makes. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to invite someone into the bedroom sooner now, too.


Comfortable, quality pillows

Not only can your lumpy pillows harbor years of bacteria from sweat and drool, but they can cause some lasting damage to your spine. If you toss and turn all night and can’t seem to get comfy, take a hard look at what you rest your pretty little head on.


Live greenery

Nothing brightens up a space quite like some houseplants. They are living, growing art and instantly become a dynamic part of your little family. And, they double as little air purifiers, which is especially important if you live in a big city with a lot of traffic. These cute vessels will inspire a trip to the nursery!



Not just for margaritas … but imagine all the margaritas you’ll make! If you’ve been without a smoothie maker, you’re missing out. There are some really high-end ones you can invest in that last years and come with a warranty, but a standard blender will also do the trick for making sauces, soups, smoothies, and more. It’s a kitchen essential.


Candlesticks for taper candles

Sure, the smell-pretty jars of your favorite candles serve their purpose. But whether they’re for creating a ritual space or having people over for dinner, classic taper candles instantly elevate a room in a way that those squatty little tumblers just can’t. You can easily change up the look by inserting a different-color candle. Be classic and try soft whites, go more edgy with a black tapered candle, or try something fun like orange or lavender—taper candles are pretty inexpensive. You know you’ve reached adulthood when you get excited about candlesticks.



If you respect wood surfaces, please get coasters. There’s nothing more careless than a sad ring on your grandfather’s teak coffee table. Your friends will respect the game as well if you’ve got some cute coasters out for them to rest their glass on.


Hand towels

We can’t decide what’s grosser: expecting guests to dry their hands on your dingy shower towel that you’ve clearly been using on your, ehem, whole body, or the fact that you might dry off your body with a towel that multiple hands have used. Time to get some hand towels, honey.



Even if you are lucky enough to be blessed with central AC, a fan comes in handy for many reasons. Some pockets of the house just don’t get the reach of a cool breeze, or maybe a painting project needs to dry, or you have a pet that overheats. It’s always great to have a classic fan on hand, and some of the more investment pieces double as an air purifier to clean up your breathing room. Ah, that’s nice.


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