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The 10 Things Every Adult Should HAVE IN THEIR BATHROOM

Adulting is fun! Especially when it comes to arranging your home and the space you spend the majority of your time in. Our CCO, Sarah Howard, recently revealed how she changed her bedroom into a sanctuary, which in our opinion is the ultimate sign of adulting. Thoughtfully organizing the area you’re in 80% of the time—like your room or today’s topic, your bathroom—not only lends a curated aesthetic, but it also helps reduce clutter and ultimately clears headspace.

Since we’ve already shared the things every adult should have in their home (think kitchen essentials, proper serving staples, and live greenery), we wanted to shift rooms and do the same for your bathroom.

How many times do you walk in and out of your bathroom in a day? Too many to count. You’re in there a lot, so that’s why we highly recommend having it be a place you are proud of and taking special care of the everyday items you use on the regular. Ahead, we’re breaking down the 10 things everyone should have in their restroom/glam station/powder room (whatever you like to call it) for a very adult and organized space.

Matching Washcloths

Buy your favorite washcloths in bulk so you can easily rotate them when you’re washing your face each morning and evening. Friendly reminder to wash them frequently (just like your everyday bra, they are an item that people tend to forget to clean as often as they should). You can even roll the cloths up and have them on display in your bathroom for an easy decor accent.


Good Lighting

This is key for applying your makeup and taking selfies, of course. If you don’t want to fully commit to installing new lights, you can buy a device (like the below) that simply plugs into the wall or sits on your counter. Get your soft makeup glow on with the right lighting so you don’t have to worry about adjustments once you’re outside in the natural light.


Soap Display

If you prefer liquid soap, invest in a pretty refillable dispenser. It’s an easy way to make your bathroom look luxurious and fit your interior style. The same goes for soap bars—buy a sleek holder to keep your disinfecting and hydrating hand wash. You can even keep a wrapped bar that has cool packaging next to your sink for a hotel-inspired detail.


Eco-Friendly Dental Essentials

Update your oral care routine with clean and green items, like these options from Terra & Co. The all-natural toothpaste is made with 100% plant materials and is vegan-friendly. Plus, the packaging is made in a sugar cane tube, which means it’s 100% recyclable. Keep bamboo brushes in your cabinet for when you travel or when guests stay over.


Stylish Countertop Storage

Keep your counter looking clean and organized with small containers. Store things you use every day, like these reusable cotton pads and Q-Tips. There’s nothing worse than a cluttered area when you’re trying to get ready or when doing your nighttime skincare routine, so do yourself a favor and buy one of these convenient jars.


Chic Toilet Brush and Plunger

Cleaning your toilet or, even worse, dealing with a clogged drain is pretty much the least sexy thing out there, but that doesn’t mean the tools have to be an eyesore. Surprisingly, there are chic (well, as chic as a plunger can be) options available. Look for a slim design or a neutral color that matches your bathroom vibe that you can easily hide behind your toilet bowl.


Cool Trash Can

Or as the Brits say, “garbage” can. Again, find a style that blends nicely with your current decor. We will say, try to avoid clear or acrylic materials, because who wants to actually see what’s in the trash? No thanks. Instead, go for a cool metal or earthy wood style.



Create a signature scent for your bathroom, whether it’s with a calming diffuser, warm candle, or non-toxic room spray. We have all the options for you below. Make a little arrangement on top of your toilet with a mirrored or silver tray that you can place the candle or diffuser on. Add your favorite matchbox and wick scissors to the display as well.


Drawer Organizers

This is a game-changer, especially if you’re OCD and like everything to have a specific spot in your bathroom. You can buy the inserts that are already sectioned off or the dividers that you can adjust as needed. Small baskets are a great option too if your drawer is deep enough. Truly, nothing more satisfying than a well-organized drawer. Every time you open it, you’ll just want to say, “ahh!”


Makeup and Skincare Storage

Instead of having all the beauty items you use daily just placed on your countertop, buy (you guessed it) another organizer. Pick from our recommendations below depending on if you want one that spins or simply stays in place. Either way, you’ll be very pleased with your new storage situation.


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