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Summer Combination: Dresses and Sneakers


Two are the most worn items during summer: dresses and sneakers. They make quite the perfect match and they do not fail you.

Nowadays, sneakers are also seen as the right choice on important events. No one will ever doubt your choice of outfit if you show up somewhere wearing the most beautiful dress matched with sneakers.

During summer, being comfortable is what we all need the most. Thus, dresses and sneakers, especially white sneakers create the perfect combination and we are pretty sure that there is not a single girl out there who does not own a pair of white sneakers and a dress, whether it is short or long.

Such choice of outfit has spread everywhere and we have seen it on our favourite celebrities, on bloggers and influencers as well.

Without any doubt, comfort is what everyone wants, especially on hot days, when it is impossible to go out, even for grocery shopping.

We have rounded up some ideas on how to match summer dresses with sneakers.

Amber Valletta


Emily Ratajkowski


Dua Lipa


Chiara Totire


Hailey Baldwin


Carlotta Oddi


Kate Bosworth


Martha Hunt


Naomi Campbell


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Freida Pinto


Street style at London’s Spring-Summer 2019 Fashion Week



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