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SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE do These 10 Things Differently

Success looks different for everyone. Someone can be super-wealthy and not be successful in life because of how they treat themselves or others, while someone else can have a wonderful family and struggle to push forward with their goals. To us, all-encompassing success is a little bit of everything—comfort over extremes. By implementing and considering the below tactics and habits of successful people, we can start on our own paths toward a comfortable, successful life.

1. Successful people wake up early

We don’t have to get up at 5 a.m. and run a half marathon every day in order to be successful. In fact, we realize that not all successful people are morning people, and that earlier does not necessarily = better, but sleeping away half the day does not leave much time to chip away at goals, dreams, and crucial self-care.

Try setting an alarm an hour earlier—and maybe getting to bed an hour earlier as well—just to see how much you can do in that one extra early daylight hour. You may surprise yourself!

2. Successful people have a meditation practice

Acute stress is normal and actually healthy for us to experience. It’s the way we’re wired. But chronic stress is taxing on our bodies physically, mentally, and emotionally, and does not help us reach the state of peace we need in order to keep big ideas afloat. Those who meditate often and have learned the precious skill of dropping into the present moment and their bodies have higher success rates in finance and in relationships.

Try starting with just 10 minutes a day, at least three times a week, more if you can. It’s enough to start to see the shifting change and develop a habit that doubles as a tool against stress, angst, and overwhelm.

3. Successful people are emotionally intelligent

It’s not all book smarts and stepping on people to clamor your way to the top. Truly successful people make deep connections with those around them and are able to cater to others by way of deeply felt and understood empathy.

One way to exercise emotional intelligence is by honoring the pause after something unfortunate happens, rather than explosively or impulsively reacting. This gives us time to consider all possible sides, and provide solutions rather than just an emotional response. It can save relationships and keep situations calm.

4. Successful people help others find success

People who have found themselves in successful positions most likely did not get there all on their own. They are not only willing but happy to help others find their own success, and thus, they create a network of people around them who are grateful and want to give back.

Next time someone asks you for advice, or you see someone in need, reach out and ask how you can support them—and follow through.

5. Successful people have a routine

Most people who have found success in love, career, and life have created a routine that supports their physical and mental wellness. Getting up earlier and meditating might be part of this routine.

Eating wellsleeping well, and exercising help you stay active and vibrant so you can continue doing what you do best.

6. Successful people don’t become frozen by overwhelm

While it may be hard to see the forest through the trees, we can’t let ourselves be totally overwhelmed to the point of fear and standstill by a huge goal. Successful people look at the next step ahead of them and give it their all so that they can move on to the next until the bigger picture comes into view.

Think of your next goal, and make any small step toward achieving it, even it’s just sending an email, asking someone for advice, or making the to-do list.

7. Successful people accept themselves

When we dwell on what we don’t have and let ourselves be upset about what we don’t look like, how much money we don’t make, and the material items we lack, that holds us back from appreciating what we do have, as well as our potential.

Keep a gratitude journal when you see yourself slipping into a place of self-doubt and lacking self-acceptance.

8. Successful people don’t make excuses

Successful people don’t make excuses for things that went wrong or not ideally; instead, they lean into action.

Don’t gaslight yourself into believing the world is against you and your goals.

9. Successful people let themselves fail

Most people’s success didn’t happen overnight, nor on their first try. They allow themselves to fail, dust themselves off, and try again.

Talk to a loved one about the risks involved in your next endeavor, and make preparations and plans for your goals to go in an unexpected direction so that you can pivot with grace and positive energy.

10. Successful people don’t burn themselves out

Burnout is real, and true joy in life is about achieving balance. When someone is completely burnt out, chronic stress, fatigue, and even depression can creep in—and that’s not how anyone defines the feeling of reveling in their own success.

Find time for yourself that doesn’t center around constantly working or up-leveling. Rest and quality time with your loved ones are critical parts of a successful, joyful life.


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