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Street Style trends we saw during Paris Fashion Week


Street style has become just as major as the runway shows themselves. We certainly appreciate the gorgeous spring 2018 collections  at Paris Fashion Week, but also it’s the street style that’s worth paying attention.

While Fashion Week is the best time to pinpoint runway trends for the season ahead, the street style confirms what fashion girls are wearing. We noticed some new up-and-coming trends round of fashion week in Paris.


1. Everyone was wearing these Chanel Boots at Paris Fashion Week. Also, Chanel was everywhere! We can call this Chanel Domination!

Prada and Chanel go together



2. Balenciaga Boots has become the favorite footwear of choice for street style. They’ll become one of your best winter buy.


3. The belt bags are making a serious come back and they are cute and functional


4. Loose Pants? Fashion Girls rolled with it at Paris Fashion Week!


5. Tartan trench coat became fashion’s trend for street style at Paris Fashion Week and is coming in strong for fall/winter 2017


6. Despite their namesake, geometrical bags complete your look!


7. Fashion girls also chose French Berets and we can say that suits everyone!



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