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I usually start my day at my shop. After writing to you, I dedicate myself to it first by checking if everything is okay, if there is any stuff to add and then I help my clients by offering them advice on what accessories, shoes or clothes to buy and combine.
My shop is situated exactly on this street, in an area of the city called “Blloku” (The block), where you can find the most luxury shops and bars. Given that now the weather is something between sunny and rainy, I try to adapt colorful but not too light clothes, such as these Cavalli Class shirt and doeskin jacket. I am very fond of this brand, mainly for its unique designs and fine material and that’s why I have decided to have it in my shop as well as in my wardrobe. This shirt is somewhat extravagant and because of this I have added these crazy sunglasses from Fendi. As you can see, my favorite Chloe bag is always there. Allergy is killing me these days so I prefer to wear my sunglasses almost all day . Maybe this is one of the reasons why spring is not my favorite season. During the day, besides works I also try to organize meetings in order to be coherent with my media engagements.

Photography Geljant Kaleci

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