Someone Noticed The Coolest Thing About The Way The Queen Matches Her Outfits


Being the Queen of the United Kingdom, based in a city like London, Queen Elizabeth quite naturally has to deal with rain. A lot of rain. Therefore it’s not unusual to see her out and about on official duties, braving the drizzle under an umbrella with her gracious nature and a smile.

But have you ever noticed that her umbrella and outfits almost always match? Since 1993, the Queen has used her preferred style of umbrella, the classic birdcage design made by Fulton. Naturally, being who she is, Queen Elizabeth gets hers custom made in a variety of shades, so they blend in perfectly with her vast array of outfits and hats.

It’s the piece of fashion inspiration we never knew we needed, especially with winter approaching! Scroll down below to check out old Queenie’s rockin’ rain style for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Someone noticed she wore an umbrella that matched her outfit once:




From: Bored Panda

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