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I couldn’t find a more suitable title to my favorite photo shoot, because that’s me and all my teen spirit in it. It all started as my older cousins listened to grunge and metal music during the `90s. Even then I enjoyed listening to that kind of music, though I was little. All these were then reflected in my teenage rocker years. During those years I got to know every rock, grunge, metal, heavy metal band and tried to live that age fully, going to every concert of my favorite bands all over the world or just by going to places in Albania where they played this music. I still feel funny when I think of myself full of piercings and pink hair, but at the same time, I cannot help recalling those times that marked me and helped me be who I am in every concept, because only free spirits can enjoy this kind of music. But it has also influenced the way I dress. Even though I have to be classic from time to time, due to my job or different events, my favorite days are the days I get dressed this way because even in my car I still listen to this music; it follows me everywhere. Actually, nothing has really changed and it never will. I will always be a fan of this music, I will keep going to their concerts and I will always be a free spirit who enjoys life in all its beauty. The love for fashion is another big influence from this music. One can never be a true and loyal fashion lover if he/she hasn’t listened to this music during a given time in his/her life. I have read this in one of my fashion books, which I collect and I have decided to share with you time after time in “My Diary”. That book tells about what has shaped the world of fashion in decades and it shows that it was exactly these music genres that influenced and keep influencing even today a whole lot of fashion shows worldwide. But even before getting convinced by this book, I have always thought that if you are listening to “The Doors” or “Janis Joplin”, you cannot help but imagine the hippie clothes and getting strongly influenced by them; if you are listening to heavy metal music you cannot help but imagining yourself on a biker boots or this unique Balenciagas boots that I have chosen for this set; if you are listening to rock music you cannot help but imagining yourself in leather jacket and pants. All this music has strongly influenced the world of fashion and the birth of grunge style in the fashion world testifies that. It is also the style I have chosen; typical `90s pants which I finally found at “American Apparel”, the leather jacket from Jean Paul Gaultier is so rock, I have also put on one of my favorite Guns `N Roses tee-shirt, a Lulu Guinnes bag that fits with the style and the last detail, the fantastic Dior sunglasses which again take us back in the `90s. This genres, along to grunge style have also influenced many other styles that great designers have recalled in fashion shows and which we will develop in other editorials. Music has been a muse at all times and it will definitely continue to be such, because music is life itself…

Photography Geljant Kaleci

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