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The basic concept of intermittent fasting is limiting food intake to specific times. Instead of restricting what you eat, it focuses on when you eat your meals. IF has been shown to help with weight loss, aid cholesterol regulation, improve overall health, encourage self-control, and heighten concentration.There are several ways to intermittent fast, but here are some of the most common styles:

The 16/8 Method:

Fasting every day for 14-16 hours (with the exception of tea or black coffee) and constricting your daily eating pattern to 8-10 hours. It’s recommended men fast for 16 hours and women for 14 hours. In the 8-10 hour eating period, you’ll have two or three meals.

The 5/2 Diet:

Normal (healthy) eating five days of the week, and on the two other days, limiting your daily calories to 500-600.


This method requires a 24-hour fasting period once or twice a week.Once you decide which fasting style will work best with your lifestyle, here are some pointers to help you keep on track.But first, tips from Kourt:• She usually stops eating after dinner around 7 p.m. and then doesn’t exercise until her workout in the morning. She will still take our Vital Proteins x Poosh Blueberry and Lemon Collagen Vibes, which helps curb her appetite. Note: she’s not sure if that’s considered cheating on IF, but remember, life is all about balance.

• To squash a sweet craving, Kourt also likes to sip on hot green tea or water with a splash of apple cider vinegar.

• If you’re aimlessly perusing the kitchen after you’ve already had a meal, try brushing your teeth to avoid eating for no reason.

• Make a glass of chilled water and lemon slices. Remember to drink at least eight glasses of H2O a day.

More useful IF guidelines:

• During your non-fasting periods, be sure to fuel your body with meals and foods that will help you stay fuller longer (aka eat items with healthy fats and high fiber—here’s our guide).

• Download an intermittent fasting tracking app (like this one) so you can visually see your progress.

• Start your morning with black coffee (or black tea) to help curb your appetite and give you energy for the day.

• Try the salt trick. Sprinkle a little salt on your wrist and lick it off to help minimize cravings. One of Kourt’s followers sent her this tip from Sober Alley.

• Keep a steady fitness schedule. Exercising regularly will not only speed up your results and boost your mood but will also help to promote a healthy metabolism.

Intermittent fasting might not be for everyone, but if you’re looking to try the method, these simple hacks are sure to help you achieve your goals along the way.



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