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This Viral Bedtime Tip Is Scientifically Proven To Help You Get To Sleep Faster


If you balk at the idea of wearing socks in bed (or indeed, at the thought of someone else doing so), a viral TikTok might just have you delving into that sock drawer by nightfall. A video extolling the benefits of sleeping in your socks shared by @Doctorjesss – real name, Doctor Jess Andrade – currently has 2.4 million likes and over 180,000 shares on the platform.

@doctorjesssI wear socks to bed so don’t come at me im not weird

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“Wearing socks makes your feet warm, which opens up the blood vessels which cool the body down,” explains the doctor. “The body, being cool, tells the brain that it’s time for bed.” The result is that people who wear socks to get into bed fall asleep quicker than those who don’t – so it’s a nifty trick to try if you’re currently not drifting off as quickly as you might like.

Said to be akin to the physiological (and sleep-inducing) effects of having a hot bath, there are also numerous studies that support the benefits of keeping your socks on. A 2007 study by the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience found that those who wore socks to bed fell asleep faster than those who did not. Meanwhile, other research indicates that having toasty feet promotes the speedier onset of sleep, an evolutionary reaction as there is a greater chance of heat loss at our extremities.

While wearing socks in bed has long been divisive, at least fans now have a bona fide excuse.

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