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Whether you’re traveling or simply woke up past your alarm clock—sometimes there’s just not enough time to do your proper skincare regimen. And just like the 2019 world of “there’s an app for that,” same goes for speedy skincare shortcuts: “there’s a hack for that.” We’ve shared beautytravelkitchen, and fashion hacks, and today we’re adding to the list with ways to care for your face when you’re in a rush (or feeling lazy) or just want to maximize your results. We sourced foolproof suggestions from experts like celeb dermatologist, Christie Kidd, as well as our in-house hacks we swear by.

  • Christie Kiddshares, “Summertime and winter can lead to dry, chapped lips. One thing I like to do for a quick fix is to gently exfoliate the flaking skin with a very soft baby toothbrush and coconut oil. Put the coconut oil on the toothbrush, and gently, in small circular motions, exfoliate the lips. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Your lips will thank you.”
  • For a sunburn, she recommends, “Hopefully you’re being good to your skin and wearing sunblock at all times, especially during the summer on a long, hot beach day. But in the chance you have suffered from a sunburn, the best way to soothe your sunburn is to keep some aloe veragel in the refrigerator. Mix equal parts of aloe vera gel and over-the-counter cortisone creamtogether and apply to your sunburned skin twice a day for three days. Aloe vera gel is soothing and healing, and the cortisone cream will help bring down the inflammation and discomfort. Your skin will be less angry and less likely to peel.”
  • Kourt learned from Christie to always wash your face after you condition your hair to avoid the thick product residue sinking into your skin.
  • Put your eye gel or eye patchesin the fridge. It’ll shock life back into tired eyes.
  • For irritated, overly sunned skin, try using organic non-flavored yogurt as a face mask. Its soothing properties will reduce inflammation while adding necessary hydration. For oily skin, opt for a fat-free version.
  • Crush up aspirin, mix it with water to create a paste, and spot treat zits. It’s better than store-bought zit cream. *If you have an aspirin allergy, do not use this DIY pimple paste.
  • For optimal results, the rule of thumb is to apply serumsand moisturizers from thinnest to thickest—and from water-based to oil-based. Oil acts as a barrier to water, so any water-based products won’t actually absorb post oil-based products. Similarly, serums won’t absorb after a cream because the creamy consistency will block the serum from fully penetrating into your skin.
  • To reduce puffiness after a night out, make a face ice bath in the morning or keep a large face rollerin the freezer.
  • Apply your face serum(s) before you lather your body with lotion to avoid cross-mixing product on your face.
  • Breana Wheeler, NP (Dermatology Nurse Practitioner at Facile Dermatology), shares, “Buy a set of pillowcasesand put them all on the pillow you sleep on. Peel off one every three to four days—it’ll keep your skin clearer and save you time.”
  • Wheeler also suggests, “Consider products that serve multiple functions, like argan or squalane oil. Apply a little to your cuticles, to the ends of your hair, and on your skin for extra hydration.”


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