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Simple Ways to SAVE MONEY

Little saving hacks can turn into big money gains at the end of the month. Cha-ching, baby! As we approach the new year, we wanted to share ways to help cut out unnecessary spending. Because who doesn’t want more money in the bank?Ahead, we’ve rounded up a handful of savvy hacks and some known facts for simple ways to save $$$. Scroll on to find out simple ways to start saving more.

Buy groceries for a couple of weeks instead of dining out
Make a commitment to yourself to buy groceries for a couple of weeks instead of going out to eat. We know, we know … “but it’s so much easier and faster” is one of the excuses you’ll come up with, but trust us. Those meals you buy add up, and the ingredients you buy at the store to make something else cost a fraction of the price.Empty out your trunk
With gas prices on the rise, this little hack will come in handy. To save on gas, try to keep your trunk empty at all times.

Try a day where you don’t spend anything at all
No, this doesn’t mean staying home all day. Try going to places that are free of charge, like the beach! Go for free entertainment.

Eat less meat, go plant-based
Switch your menu up a bit by going plant-based. Try one of our yummy recipes here.

YouTube it and fix it yourself
Save the TaskRabbit fee and learn how to do it yourself. You’d be amazed at how much stuff is on YouTube as far as tutorials and DIY guides.

Switch to LED lightbulbs
Save on your overall monthly electricity bill by switching to LED lightbulbs.

Declutter and sell your old clothes online
Do you really wear everything that’s in your closet? Do a serious inventory check on the pieces you always rotate through and the clothing items you haven’t worn in the past year. Sell what hasn’t been worn and make some fast cash by posting items on resale sites.

Save on your gym membership
Work out at home and pause the membership for a bit.

Separate your paychecks by what you need them for
For example: if you get two paychecks every month then use the first for fixed expenses and the second for variable expenses. You can also set up auto-deposits with your bank so a portion of your paycheck goes directly into a separate savings account.

Have a daily spending limit
Keep track of your spending by setting a limit to how much you want to spend in one day. Try not to go over this budget unless you have a special circumstance such as getting a flat tire.

Cut down on unnecessary subscriptions and apps
In your phone under Subscriptions, check and see what you are subscribed to and cancel the ones you really don’t use. We bet there are a few sneaky apps you either forgot to cancel or don’t use anymore.

Wait for sales
This is hard when you like being up to date with the latest trends, but well worth the wait. Shop semiannual sales and look out for amazing discounts on the items you would have paid full price for a couple of months earlier.

Scan grocery receipts for cash back
Many people don’t know this, but before you throw away those receipts, scan and save them because you can get cash back.

Use cash rather than a card
By having your money in hand, you can physically see and keep track of how much you are spending.

Try doing your own nails for a while. Several brands have great nail kits that will save you money in the long run. It’s easy to use and a fun thing to add to your weekend self-care routine.


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