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SIMPLE SELF-CARE Hacks for 2021

Last year put an unprecedented strain on our lives, affecting us in ways big and small—in ways obvious and in ways we likely haven’t even started to understand.

Yes, 2020 transformed us. And with the start of 2021, we understand that our journey is not done. We are still learning and growing. It’s never been more crucial to look at our own needs—emotional, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Practicing self-care is important in tough times and at all times, and trying new wellness trends can help us get to a place of happiness and health.

Here are five simple ways to embrace and prioritize self-care this year:

  1. Tending to Our Mental Health

When face-to-face contact is few and far between, telehealth therapy, online or phone counseling, meditation apps, breathwork classes online, affirmation apps, wellness workshops, and other online mental health services have become extremely popular and helpful. When we were faced with anxiety or everyday issues, this pandemic gave us a chance to use these resources and see that they are effective and necessary.

  1. New Workout Habits

Ironically, in a time when Americans are seeing how important it is to stay fit and invest in wellness, studios and gyms have been forced to close intermittently. New virtual options allowed fitness studios and gyms to offer workouts and personal training online.

Pandemic disruption and a new global wellness imperative have ushered in a wave of wellness defined by both in-person and virtual experiences.

More than one-third of Americans (37%) join live-stream workouts at least once a week. Even more (40%) exercise to a pre-recorded fitness video. Americans are forming new workout habits. It’s still nice to get out and move, but this is an option people can continue to choose.

  1. Immunity Now

The popularity of immune-boosting herbs and superfoods reached new heights in 2020. Strengthening the immune system (and building physical fortitude) will be a major 2021 wellness trend across the board, from food to supplements and educational classes. There are more customized immunity hacks using genetic testing, biohacking, immunity-enhancing treatments, and energy healing. Growing awareness of the effect our gut microbiome has on our overall well-being, immunity, and brain function will also make cultivating good gut health a top priority.

  1. Screen Time: Technology Boundaries Are the New Normal

Back on that self-care trend forecasting: screen fatigue and tech burnout are real, especially after so many of us have been cooped up for months. We’re seeing the effects of blue light and screen time on our eye health, mental health, sleep cycles, and more. Tech boundaries are going to be quite popular, allowing us to have the best of both worlds: instant connectivity and a world of education at our fingertips and a healthy, boundary-centric relationship with tech with plenty of breaks from the dredges of social media comparison. Like, a 30-minute workout using the computer?

YES, so healthy and great! Three hours of scrolling through TikTok?
Maybe not so much.

  1. Renewed Interest in Nature

People have increased their interest in nature in response to more time spent in their homes. Design trends show more people investing in plants to create indoor gardens, also known as “COVID gardens.” Plants help clean the air and provide a sense of companionship. Consumers have shown shifts in behavior with increased interest in biking, hiking, and other immersive trips into nature.

New wellness trends, habits, and self-care routines are fantastic to establish no matter what or when. So set your goals for 2021, and I wish


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