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Sharon Stone


When it comes to naming a movie style icon, Sharon Stone is among the first to come to our mind. She is fearless, unique, and she has a remarkable sense of style, which can also be seen in some of her movies.

Though we haven’t seen her in recent years, it can’t stop us from still admiring her and remembering some of her appearances in movies such as Basic Instinct, Casino, Catwoman, etc.

One can never forget the interrogation scene in Basic Instinct 1 where she is wearing a turtleneck white dress.

When it comes to her role as Ginger McKenna in Martin Scorsese’s Casino, we absolutely love every single outfit she wore. The film is set in the 60s, so it is all about backcombed hair, false lashes and colourful sparkly dresses. From her clothes you realise how similar nowadays fashion is from the 60s or 70s. There is so much inspiration you can get from them. Sharon Stone’s outfits in Casino are all about class and glamour.




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