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Scarlett Johansson’s Skincare Brand


It’s no secret, the past few years have been saturated with celebrities launching beauty brands. From fragrance and makeup to vitamins and baby clothes—you name it, and surely a celebrity has put their name on it. However, in this day and age of celebrities turning their personal brand into an empire, it’s often that quality goes under prioritized. Earlier this year, rumors began swirling that Scarlett Johansson would be launching a beauty collection. One couldn’t help but wonder: do we need another celebrity beauty brand? Spoiler alert—we needed this.

After five years in the making, Johansson is ready to dominate both the silver screen and our skincare routines with The Outset, her new five-step skin collection created with co-founder, entrepreneur, and beauty/fashion executive Kate Foster Lengyel. The highly-anticipated line is a product of Johansson and Foster’s extensive research in product development, formulation, marketing, and branding to better understand what beauty lovers are interested in today as well as what they need. Johansson and Foster were validated by what they had found and set out to prove that less is not only more, but also what’s in demand.

Courtesy of The Outset

Courtesy of The Outset

“I wanted to create and represent a brand that felt true to me, something real and intimate that others could see themselves in, too,” said Johansson. “The Outset was inspired by my own skincare ritual—a consistent routine of cleansing, prepping and moisturizing that keeps my skin on track and camera ready. I’ve found that great skin starts with the basics, and consumers we spoke with similarly expressed a desire to return to the essentials.”

What immediately sticks out in The Outset collection is the products’ minimal aesthetic. Made from recycled and sustainable materials, there’s no big names plastered across the package’s façade, no distracting colors, and no overwhelming message. A simple cassia flower rendered in cerulean blue is the only blatant logo the line has, a nod to The Outset’s plant-based plumping hyaluronic acid derivative Hyaluroset™ Complex that’s derived from the plant.

In terms of product, the range follows a three-step process: cleanse, prep, and moisturize interchanging the products including: The Cleanser, The Prep Serum, The Moisturizer, The Night Cream, and The Eye Cream which are all refillable and under $55. The focus of the line aims to dial back complicated multi-step skincare routines and return to basics when it comes to taking care of our skin. The products are made to be used together or to adapt to any existing routine seamlessly excluding 2,700 potentially harmful ingredients to meet only the highest clean beauty standard. “We provide benefit-driven formulas that don’t disrupt the skin barrier and instead work to preserve skin for the future,” said Foster.

For those dealing with problematic skin, trying new products and diverting from basic skincare can be scary. However, The Outset’s fragrance-free and ultra-clean formula which is vegan, gluten-free, nut allergen-free, dermatologist and allergy tested mimics clinical-grade products in its quality of formulation.

Overall, The Outset feels thoughtful placing quality at the forefront rather than a constructed celebrity brand. “The Outset means a new beginning, which feels more relevant than ever at a time when we are all starting over and pressing the reset button,” said Johansson. And in this new chapter, Johansson and Foster have introduced a new brand ethos onto the world of celebrity beauty, one that prides itself on product before name.

The Outset skincare collection is now available on and


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