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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Hair Colourist On How She Creates That Perfect Shade Of Beachy Blonde


If you’ve been admiring Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair as she plays Carrie Bradshaw in And Just Like That, you are not alone. While Bradshaw loves to experiment with different hairstyles – from embellished plaits to slicked-back top knots – one thing that remains a constant is Parker’s excellent hair colour. The woman behind it is Gina Gilbert, the colourist at Serge Normant in New York.


The pair have worked together for 15 years, so Gilbert knows exactly how Parker likes her hair to look. “Sarah likes to change her hair colour up a bit,” she tells me over the phone. “Mostly, we do a single process [a single dye colour] right on her parting and around the hairline – but not on the whole head. She doesn’t like to have dye sit on her scalp.”

After that, it’s all about the balayage, which gives Parker’s hair dimension and contrast, and makes it look naturally sun-kissed, rather than looking done. “I paint her ends with a higher volume of peroxide (40) so it moves from dark roots to lighter on the ends – it looks like the sun’s touched it that way,” explains Gilbert.

She intentionally creates much lighter pieces – “money pieces” as they’re known – around Parker’s face, which help illuminate her skin, making it look healthy and luminous. “It’s a technique that really brightens up the face and makes eyes stand out,” Gilbert says. “Sarah has these beautiful crystal blue eyes and they’re highlighted by these lighter pieces. We’ve gone darker in the past and it doesn’t flatter her skin as much.”


You may also have noted that Parker, at 56, has been embracing her greys in recent years, and in the series – and it looks enviably good. “While filming, she wanted the grey to blend in with her blonde,” explains Martin, who intentionally allowed greys to sit alongside Parker’s blonder highlights. “The contrast between the grey, blonde and darker colour – it lends a really nice dimension,” she says.

While some visit their colourist every two weeks, Parker leaves two and a half months between appointments, which is super low maintenance – particularly for someone on the big screen. It’s this soft approach to her hair that lends it an unfussy, low-key touch, but is also testament to Gilbert’s technique, which means Parker doesn’t need to visit as often.

How to look after colour this good at home? “I always recommend doing a clear gloss [we love Kérastase Chroma Absolu Soin Acid Chroma Gloss] because it takes any build-up off the hair and enhances brightness,” says Gilbert. “Use a sulphate-free shampoo to maintain colour and try a deep conditioner once a month.” And for volume and texture like SJP’s? Living Proof’s Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray is second to none.


From British Vogue

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