Roberto Cavalli Against Chiara Ferragni


Being famous also has a dark side, which is related to the negative comments made from certain people. Chiara Ferragni, the famous blogger and now entrepreneur, has been on the spotlight for quite some time now, due to the negative comments she keeps receiving from one of the Dolce & Gabbana designers, Stefano Gabbana. But, apparently, Stefano is not the only Italian designer who dislikes the famous blogger, as another Italian designer has reacted on a recent Instagram post by Ferragni leaving an unpleasant comment. 

The Italian blogger posted a picture on Instagram to inform her 15.5M fans about the Intimissimi event which took place in Milan yesterday. She is seen wearing an intimate outfit which has sparked much controversy on social media, making Roberto Cavalli himself express his opinion on the photo. 

The Italian designer wrote on Ferragni’s post “You are advertising your navel! Who do you think you are? You’re just a money machine, there’s no spontaneity or love in what you do”. But while Ferragni remained silent on the matter, it was her husband, Fedez, who reacted and wrote: “Ditemi che e un fake, vi prego” (Tell me it’s a fake, please). Apparently, he could not believe that such comment could be made from a prestigious designer.

Besides Cavalli, Ferragni received other critics from people saying that she should not be posting such photos, given that she has now become a mother, but these comments won’t stop Ferragni as she is one of the most followed and loved personalities of the fashion industry.

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