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Productive Things To Do While Staying Home


The coronavirus outbreak has forced many people to stay home. Basically, everyone’s home has become the centre of the world as mostly everyone is currently working from home and managing things while staying inside and safe.

Staying 24 hours at home can be quite frustrating for the outgoing people. This situation should not be seen as a disadvantage, because there is so much you can do that will keep you busy.

Below you have some ideas on how to be productive while at home. Don’t become a coach potato!


  1. Be more organized

Become the Marie Kondo you always wished to be. When the world became familiar with Marie Kondo and her tricks for being organized, everyone envied her because she could actually do magic and transform an entire mess in the most organized place. You can start seeing some of her videos and get more familiar with the way you can organize your closet (which we believe is an absolute mess), your kitchen cabinet, your children’s toys, and many other places in your home which are only messy.

  1. Start an online course

If you want to learn new things or get more experience in something that will help you in your career or expand your resume, you can start an online course. Maybe you can start learning a new language and staying home during this unfortunate period is an advantage for you, because you won’t be distracted. There are so many websites and universities that offer online courses and most of them are free. Think about your interests and start digging on the internet. coursera.com is a good start.

  1. Throw an indoor picnic

If you are spending these days inside with your family and loved ones, it is time for you to become much closer to each-other. Although you live in the same place, work and other commitments might not keep you that close. There were times when you didn’t know what was going on in their life, just because you were so busy with your things and forgot to ask your loved ones how they spent the day. Take advantage of this moment and enjoy the time you are spending together and talk about everything you haven’t talked in so long. Create a mini picnic with blanket, snacks and good music and pretend you are out somewhere. Enjoy the little things as they only bring you joy.

  1. In search of the treasure

If during this period you are staying home with your kids, for sure they have already played with every possible toy they have and now they are bored. Yes, we totally get that, as it is an international problem. It is time for you to become more creative and start playing new games.

We suggest you hide things in your home and make your kids go in search for the treasure. You might hide a chocolate bar and we are sure they will absolutely love the idea that after finding the chocolate, it will be theirs!

  1. Exercise

Do not let this period get in your mood. It is a tough moment for everyone and that is why we should all be strong and have faith that it will be over soon. That is why you should be energetic all the time and staying home won’t keep you away from exercising. If your gym is currently closed, there are gym instructors out there who are going live on Facebook and Instagram and helping those at home stay in shape. You can do fitness if you already have the equipment at home, you can do yoga by following a live course or by watching videos on YouTube. You do have options, so don’t become lazy and get back to work!

  1. Film a cooking show

We must admit that cooking shows are famous worldwide. If you want to spend a fun night with your family, then you can pretend like you are the host of a famous cooking show and show your cooking skills. You can create a “MasterChef” program at home and see who will win. Even your kids can participate by helping in the cooking process. You will create such a beautiful memory.

  1. Play dress ups

Take everything out from your closet and create a funny show with dress ups. If you have watched the movie 27 Dresses, you know what we are talking about.

You can wear your partner’s clothes and that will turn into a funny experience. Even your kids might be dressed as grown ups and they will enjoy it.

  1. Have a SPA night

If you have so long dreamed about doing nothing and just relax, then you can do an at home spa night. Light candles, put on a relaxing music and drink champagne. You can do facials, have a manicure or pedicure and also have bubble baths. This moment will be a total joy.

There are so many options, just be creative and do not let the laziness get in your life. Be productive, be positive and stay safe.

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