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Post-Beach Skin and Hair Care


All those days spent by the beach will come to an end and as soon as we return to our daily activities, we will notice that our look needs a makeover. Hair is the first thing to worry about when you get back from your holidays. As much as you try to fix them properly, something is wrong and you do not know what to do. You might notice a change on your hair color because it has become a shade lighter, or very dry and frizzy. If the color suits you, keep it, otherwise go straight to your hair colorist.

While I am on holidays, although I try to take care of my hair, all the sand and salt it has absorbed take their toll during the post beach period. The solution? DETOX!

First of all I start the detoxing period with a good shampoo and Davines After Sun Shampoo is perfect, because it restores hydration and softens hair. Also, it removes any salt or chlorine residuals and makes sure to repair any other damages caused from the sun. After all, it is all about shampooing and good rinsing.


I would also recommend a good mask or serum, which is specifically used on damaged hair. Absolut Repair Lipidium Serum from L’Oreal Professionnel is the one I use during the post-beach detox period. The serum is used after hair is towel dried and you spread it on the ends and also through the mid-length if you have long hair, without touching the scalp. Your ends will be nourished and through the serum your hair will become shiny again.


But, even your skin faces many issues after getting back from the holidays: it becomes very dry, dark spots have appeared on the surface and it has lost its vitality and moisture. Thus, I always dedicate an entire day to myself and go to the SPA and opt for a facial treatment by Clarins Moisture Quencher at Bamboo Spa & Hammam. The treatment makes sure my skin is moisturized properly by bringing back its vitality and softness as well. Any sign of fatigue is immediately gone and my skin will feel fresh and nourished again.


Besides the treatments I do after finishing my summer holidays, I never forget to take really good care of my skin during those long hours of sun exposure. I always apply Biologique Recherche Protection U.V. SPF 25, which has anti-aging and anti-spot effects and also protects skin from photoageing and dehydration.


To make sure my body is smooth all the time without losing its elasticity, I use Tonic Body Treatment Oil from Clarins, which is a must.


So, always keep in mind to take proper care of your hair, body and face after getting back from the holidays. If you neglect such thing, you will face the consequences later.

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